Toto’s skeptical and ironic view creates digital worlds outside the heteronormativie framework of our society visualised through their fictional imagery.



What did you do 13MIN AGO?

I was running around my room and putting together an outfit for today. When I looked into the mirror, I was wondering if this is the look I want to go for? My belly was exposed, and it's quite cold outside, so I decided to wear an underlayer.

Your proudest moment?

Each time I go out femme in public.

How would you define originality today?

For me, originality creates connections: It is about matching two different kinds of worlds that would typically never be associated with one another. It's also about presenting ordinary objects in a way that they are perceived differently. It is the sensibility that accentuates different perceptions of daily topics. It arises awareness, especially when it is already put into a certain stereotyped box, and then this box has to be opened with connections I create as an artist.

What do you think are the toughest ethical questions in the creative industry of today?

Why do we deserve to be here? Do we even deserve to be here? While the world is changing, we become much more aware of our history, and we start to realize the privileges we possess and how we accumulated them. The world around western art and western art itself is elitist, excluding, and ignorant. Too long, it has been the center of attention. It's time to look beyond the western-centric art world and to reject its domination. But that doesn't mean for us to shut up and listen for once? Or can we change the structures from inside out?

What it is like to be a young artist living & working in The Hague? What keeps you stimulated?

As a young artist living in The Hague can be quite a hassle since it is quite small. It is hard for me to find like-minded people outside of my academy as there is barely an abundance of youth culture visible. Luckily Amsterdam and Rotterdam are only a train ride away. The Hague is not very queer-friendly which makes it to embrace myself in public. Being harassed is something I and my friends have to endure on a daily basis but they inspire me with the way they look and how they move around in such a space the way they do. The culture in the Hague itself, especially more near the beach, is a true source of inspiration though. It's a form of Dutch culture that is hard to find anywhere else

Why is artistic collaboration important to you, especially in a world that demands meaning and purpose?

I use them as a tool of reflection about me and my art. Collaborations take you when done with the right person out of your comfort zone into an unknown world with new perspectives. And those give you insights into your processes, which is also a way to find new purpose and meaning in your own work. It seems to be a natural step in the progression of an artist.

How would you define your artistic practice?

As a way of storytelling and finding connections in a world that does not allow for connections, progressions, and expressions outside of the framework of heteronormativity. Those stories are mostly based upon the way we construct our identities. A skeptical and ironic take on western society which drowns in excess and privilege.