By linking the language of documentary portraiture to the genre of fashion photography, Shauna defines unembellished realities as her photographic motives.



What did you do 13MIN AGO?

I just got back from a lovely dog walk on the beach.

What do you think makes a good collaboration?

It’s important to be easy going, positive and open to trying each other’s ideas. Be sure to explain your reasons if you think something isn’t working and make sure everyone is clear on the vision from the start.

How do you define originality today?


Do you think it is necessary for you as an artist to sell yourself as a brand?

I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary. Having a personal brand can definitely speed up the process but I believe that if the work is strong it won’t go unnoticed.

What is it like to be a young artist living & working in Berlin? What keeps you stimulated?

Exciting and exhausting! I have another job which keeps me pretty busy, so my main motivation comes from wanting to make the most of the free time I have. In general I think Berlin is kind to artists, there is relatively less pressure socially and financially to be ‘successful’, which allows space for people to experiment and explore their practice at their own pace. Conversations here tend towards people’s passions, not their job, which is very refreshing.

Do you believe in the saying “Fake it until you make it?”

Yes, I think everyone suffers from imposter syndrome from time to time and this is a good way to tackle it.