By giving rise to the imagery of unexplored abomination, Marijo imbues his subjects with a sense of serenity and provocative allure. The use of monochrome colors superimposes a timeless perspective on his photographs.



What did you do 13MIN AGO?

I picked out hair of a drain hole in my bathtub.

How would you define your artistic practice?

As a constant dependency on other creatives and clients. Although I don't seek their recognition of my work, I’m somehow dependent on them.

If you could use one metaphor to describe you as an artist/ work - what would it be?

The metaphor of a non-workaholic and non-perfectionist.

How does a typical day in your creative life looks like?

When working: I carry all my studio equipment to the location and enjoy being on set. When not working: I spent the day in bed scrolling through my dating apps and Instagram. Or having drinks downtown in Ljubljana.

If you hadn't ended up doing photography, what would have been your plan b?

Believe it or not I would have become a veterinarian.

Your proudest moment?

I once shot a portrait of a close friend of mine which is still my favorite work today. If I had to choose one picture before I die, it would be that one for sure.

Why is artistic collaboration important to you, especially in a world that demands meaning and purpose?

It is not important to me as I honestly prefer to work on my own.

What do you think are the toughest ethical questions in the creative industry of today?

How to keep up with the social media pressure.

What is your survival kit for the creative industry?

Eat your own shit and get over it.

Do you believe in the saying “Fake it until you make it?”

I rather believe in fuck it until you make it.

Tell us what it is like to be a young artist living & working in Ljubljana? What keeps you stimulated?

Ljubljana is cheap and I can survive and live on a small budget which is quite useful as an artist. I do not need to care about money that much and focus on my work instead.

As an artist, what do you feel the creative industry is lacking?

A fair distribution of money. Especially among artists.