What did you do 13MIN AGO?

I just came home from a long city walk with my dog and boyfriend, after eating and window shopping.

Do you believe in the saying “Fake it until you make it”?

I am not a great advocate of non-self-generated creation, otherwise, everything I show does not seem real. I think you can see straight away whether your creative work is connected with your soul or not. It will never be truly yours, if not.

What do you think are the toughest ethical questions in the creative industry of today?

Destruction through frantic overproduction triggered by immeasurable consumption. The greed for more, faster, better, hipper. How do you escape the cycle of constant self-improvement and indulgence? Why is it compulsory to allow and encourage young creatives to work without pay and bad treatment?

What do you think makes a good collaboration?

Respect for the respective preferences and views in joint work: Because that is what it's all about, you agree on a center from which something new can ultimately emerge. You should not have the feeling something is missing, or you were not able to bring everything in. It should be fun!

Why is artistic collaboration important to you, especially in a world that demands meaning and purpose?

It is okay to avoid the constant urge for meaning and purpose and letting the inner, colorful chaos run free. My art teacher used to say that art cannot be right or wrong. Nevertheless, it is satisfactory to work on a deeper level and to implement it artistically.

Your proudest moment?

When I'm satisfied with my creative work and inner progress, I feel proud. Then, I can leave it that way.

How would you define your artistic practice?

My artistic practice compromises everything from design research, the combination of clothing for expressing my inherent frame, building my visions through selected photographic support, being logistically, and organizationally skilled on another level.