Disrupting the fashion system with humor, Lea creates narratives with a contemporary twist by reinventing conventional styles into her personal key signature.



What did you do 13MIN AGO?

13 minutes ago I ran through the station in Rotterdam catching my train last minute.

If you hadn't ended up doing Styling, what would have been your plan B?

The alternative for AMFI and fabrics, would have been wood and becoming a carpenter.

How would you define your artistic practice?

Clever combinations of all kinds of designs, clothes, accessories, etc. while reevaluating each item's original purpose next to being an absolute logistics expert.

What is your survival kit for the creative industry?

Be humble, collaborate, and support one another!

Your proudest moment?

Seeing my name printed down in a publication for the first time.

Do you think it's necessary for you as an artist to sell yourself as a brand?

Definitely. When you position yourself as purposeful as a brand, you are good at communicating your skills and create a certain feeling people connect immediately with you and your work. 

How would you define originality today?

I feel that there is no real definition of originality. Where is the line between inspiration and a visual replica? But describing it from my perspective, it is about believing in your own ideas and inspiration. For styling specifically, it means finding unique and great samples, combining them skilfully, taking them out of their original context, and placing them differently together again while creating your own story.

What do you think makes a good collaboration?

Trust, appreciation, and openness create space for ideas and for learning from the other collaborator.

What do you think are the toughest ethical questions in the creative industry of today?

Most of the structures within the creative industry are without visibility. There is exploitation at all ends of the supply chain pushed by competition. And this competition gets pushed even further at places that should know better: Universities. Everyone becomes their own best friend as “only a few people can really make it". When it acutally should all be more collaborative instead of competitive.

As an artist, what do you feel the creative industry is lacking?

I want more honesty!