What Did You Do 13MIN AGO?

13MIN AGO is a creative collective that matches emerging talents in a modified, and cross-disciplinary way contrary to the industries standards. By carefully curating teams and duos from various creative fields, each artist gets the freedom in their role to redefine traditional rules of creation, explore their own talents, and learn from one another. Amidst constant states of flux, we nurture our emerging talents to establish professional connections internationally and beyond their known creative fields.

All collaborations operate as editions reflecting on the current Zeitgeist and therefore ensuring a contemporary relevance. The editions work with an intellectual approach that we provide as a common starting point for our creative collaborations.

13MIN AGO wants to reshift our gaze on the creative industry aiming to challenge existing limitations and the ostensible transience of content. As an open space for networking, learning, and just being; creativity can be fostered while moving forward collaborative impulses and conversations.


Francesca Schliephake & Katharina Uhe 
10247 Berlin & N16 7SJ London