The leitmotiv behind Grete’s brand is to challenge the perception of patriarchy and sexuality within our society not only through her vibrant and historical aesthetics but also through patterns and fittings. Her production methods are fully sustainable and commercially gendered as menswear allowing to direct it to everyone and especially to non-binary bodies.



What did you do 13MIN AGO?

I cyberbullied some transphobic cis man on Instagram.

What is your survival kit for the creative industry?

Work. I listen to “work it” from the Margiela SS 20 show every time I’m driving to a job to suppress the tears.

As an artist, what do you feel is the creative industry lacking?

Paid Labour, Diversity in Boardrooms, Trans-inclusivity, Non-Binary Bodies' Representation, Black Artists Support Funds and the list continues.

How would you define your artistic practise?

Have a glass of red wine and see what happens.

If you hadn’t ended up doing Fashion Design, what would have been your plan B?

Gone back to being a stripper in Cape Town. I do miss Fantasy Fridays and to make actual money from hard work.