What did you do 13MIN AGO?

I ordered a pizza for me and my boyfriend. 

If you hadn't ended up doing photography, what would have been your plan B?

I am not a big believer in having a plan B, for me, there was never the question of doing something else.

What is your survival kit for the creative industry?

Never connect your self-worth to your Job or how "well" you are working. I'm sure that we all do it to some extent, but we always have to remind ourselves that everyone in this industry needs their own time and space.

Do you believe in the saying “Fake it until you make it?”

For some people, it works but only to a certain extend. At some point, your “faking” needs to become reality.

What do you think makes a good collaboration?

Getting together with people outside of your comfort zone and personal style.

What do you feel the creative industry is lacking?

The creative industry needs more chances and paid opportunities for young creatives.

Your proudest moment?

Seeing an article about myself printed in a fashion magazine.