We are a creative collective and continous cross-disciplinary platform. All collaborations operate as editions where we match and curate emerging talents from multidisciplinary backgrounds beyond their known creative fields.

Established within unprecedented times that eventually led us into an era of change, loud voices, and creativity, 13MIN AGO grasps this as an opportunity to learn from it continuously.


For the first EDITION, we got inspired by the May 1968 movement in Paris as we saw a certain resemblance to our current societal situation. Art students, painters, and striking workers merged into what is known today as Atelier Populaire. By designing and distributing posters anonymously, the group supported the strike with concrete, visual, and silent support. The poster ‘Youth Too Often Disrupted By The Future’ is depicting the head of a presumed student, bandaged and silenced with a safety pin, only his eyes remaining unobscured. Under the present-day circumstances, we still feel its strong relevancy. It communicates directly to us which is why we want to give it a new voice, interpretation, and social commentary again.

Therefore, we ask our artists to think about the following questions before starting into the collaboration: ‘Can pieces of art be used as weapons?’, and ‘can something aesthetically pleasing be stripped down to a functional medium?’