Adam’s upcycled designs melt in one’s mouth just like the first pint at an old man’s pub.



What did you do 13MIN AGO?

Had a cig on the Thames walking to my studio.

If you hadn't started your brand, what would have been your plan B?

There's no plan B.

What is your survival kit for the creative industry?

Manners, kindness and honesty.

Do you think it its necessary for you as an artist to sell yourself as a brand?

No, let the work speak for itself, I wish people would be a little more quiet and put more into the work.

How would you define originality today?

It's almost impossible to be completely original, you can borrow from here and there and collage your own originality.

Do you believe in the saying “Fake it until you make it?”

Absolutely not, do not fake it, just be honest, we need more honesty.

Why is artistic collaboration important to you, especially in a world that demands meaning and purpose?

Working with someone else you admire can push your own work and theirs further than you expected or further than you would have gone alone.

Tell us what it is like to be a young artist living and working in London? What keeps you stimulated?

The city keeps me stimulated but it can be a distraction, life is hard, but I wouldn't be doing what I do if I didn't enjoy the challenge.

As an artist, what do you feel the creative industry is lacking?

Diversity in so many ways that we all know needs to change, but something that is not spoken about is the voices of the entire UK, the industry is very Londoncentric, I want to hear and see the Welsh, Scottish and the Irish, especially in the fashion industry.