What is the meaning of time” was and still is the leading question that follows 13MIN AGO not only through the collective’s own process of creation but also through the collaborative performance together with SOL. The performance “13MIN LIVE SCREAMING” is Sol’s personal interpretation of the fiction and founding story of 13MIN AGO shedding a different but genuine light on the transience and disruption of our current era. Through the physical demonstration of the actual insignificance of time by suffocation, they brilliantly emphasises its ephemeral meaning. The scenery is purely isolated and only focussed on Sol’s inner monologue behind a stained canvas that metaphorically represents the blank canvas of today's youth. By figuratively unfolding the bandages that kept them silent, Sol refers thereby to the poster “Youth Disrupted By the Future” created by the Atelier Populaire movement. While Sol’s fighting with the wild beasts in their subconsciousness, the circumvent of uncertainty becomes unrealistically to avoid but essentially to challenge. It’s an atmosphere saturated with disaster and frustration scratching deep under the skin showing how art can be used as a form of a political weapon.

“13MIN LIVE SCREAMING” presents the collaboration of the written and performative art in a symbiotic way where narrator and executor exchange positions.